The new examination

In the Consulting Room

Please wash / sanitise your hands again on entering the consulting room

As part of your examination we will have to be quite close for short periods of time and we will minimise the risks inherent in this by keeping periods of closer contact to an absolute minimum.

We will be using new technology to examine the inside of your eyes in detail, so we won’t have to get as close to you as we used to.

Many of you will be delighted to know that we will not be using the "puff of air" test to check your eye pressure.  We have a new method which does not cause aerosol droplets to be produced.

When choosing frames

We may invite you to wash your hands before trying on frames

Ask us to pass you the frames that you would like to try

Once you have tried a frame pass it back to us rather than put it back on the display

Each frame will be sanitised after it has been tried on before going back on display

Please remember to maintain a safe separation when browsing

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